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Back in 2009 I landed what I thought was a big account cleaning a major restaurant franchise at 2am.

I worked for $100 a cleaning. It seemed like gold, but when you need another employee, worked 4hrs a night, cleaning every table, booth, chair, degreasing the kitchen and lifting garbage that was up to your knees with a snow shovel;  then had a manager who walked around with a flash light at 6am after you did you best. I mean he found everything froma grain a salt to a spec on the wall, to a cigarette butt in the parking lot!

This drove me crazy. My accountant told me it wasn’t worth it, but with a new born at home I continued to work for basically nothing. Needless to say I don’t clean for him anymore, but I went through a cleaning boot camp for 60 nights.

With no prior experience, but a university degree, perseverance, and a lot of heart I overcame this obstacle and became a better cleaner.

Despite not having this account the lessons were tremendous.

To this day I clean with a passion and distill this passion and pride in my professional team.

The rest is history!

I look forward to having the Opportunity to Meeting with YOU!